Firespec are specialists in all aspects of passive fire protection. Our experts have vast experience in the construction industry relating to the structural fire protection requirements of civil and commercial construction projects and equal experience in the products which are installed to meet these requirements. Managing Director and Senior Consultant John Aitken has previously served as Technical Manager for 2 of the UK’s main intumescent manufacturers and has further extensive experience as contracts manager with a former well known fire protection contractor.

All forms of structural steel fire protection and fire-stopping require specialist knowledge for correct specification and on-site monitoring. You can consult us for all technical requirements relating to any passive and reactive fire protection systems.

Intumescent coatings are our particular area of expertise and with our expansive commercial and technical knowledge base of all coatings in this competitive market you can gain an advantage by employing our estimation and comparison services. You can be assured that we always have the latest information of what is happening in this market; for this reason we are well positioned  to serve you with the most accurate and efficient service.

Pioneering a much needed independent inspection service for intumescent coating applications has been our top priority from the outset. Thousands of steel buildings have been protected with intumescent over the last 40 years and far too many of these have never been inspected for compliance with specification. Our experience is that there are always areas requiring attention after an inspection and in some cases this can mean whole structures requiring more than one additional coat of intumescent paint.