Firespec deliver an impartial and independent third-party Passive Fire Protection consultancy and inspection service throughout the UK

Our mission is to ensure that we protect lives, our clients’ interests and their built assets through diligent application of the very latest industry-specific technical knowledge.

Our specialists are dedicated to the very highest standards throughout all aspects of Passive Fire Protection, offering a unique and unmatched service you won’t find anywhere else.

The Firespec team have extensive technical knowledge developed over decades in the specialist field of passive fire protection and can provide:

Intumescent Inspections

Firespec are the UK’s leading intumescent coatings consultant and inspection authority

Passive Fire Inspections

Firespec’s Fire Stopping consultancy & inspection services


Firespec’s dedicated team of estimating professionals can deliver the most appropriate intumescent coatings solutions


Firespec are committed to delivering the highest level of service to every client on every project, from conception to completion

Compartmentation Surveys

Compartmentation surveys are crucial in gaining an understanding of the current provisions for Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

for over 25 years…

With over 25 years in the passive fire protection industry working for and alongside many well-known intumescent coatings manufacturers, main contractors and specialist fire protection contractors, Firespec are the ideal choice to help you navigate the complex field of passive fire protection.

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Independent & impartial

Firespec are a truly independent third-party service, with no commercial link to any given product or installation service provider. This means we have no conflict of interest in the administering of advice – we are solely dedicated to making a positive impact on the fire protection industry.

Our mission is to improve building safety and to ensure that the welfare of people who visit, work & dwell within them is the top priority.

Firespec’s accomplished team are committed to providing you with: