Coating applications of all kinds require great skill on the part of the applicator. There are so many variables, that problems can occur. With our vast knowledge of the coating industry, Firespec can offer an unbiased professional service to establish the root cause and suggest specific remedies for the client or contractor. With over 20 years experience, our industry accredited paint inspectors can carry out detailed inspections of the affected area and provide a detailed report. Please contact us for an initial appraisal.


NBS and similar automated systems are great for generic specifications, but with the flexibility of steel design, Architects are pushing the boundaries of what steel buildings can do. Firespec have the expertise to assist Architects and their clients to fulfil their design aspirations. Having worked on some of the most complex and prestigious projects in the world Firespec have gained vast experience in many markets. We can help you to build up your specification from primer to sealer coat and guide you through the most appropriate systems to protect steel from fire and corrosion. Be it a one off detail or a full project consultation please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Technical Queries

From Architects to Main Contractors, Engineers to Applicators, individuals will occasionally require to consult others to check the capability or suitability of products. Firespec have the experience and knowledge to answer any technical query relating to structural fire protection systems. As an independent consultancy we are able to offer all our clients an impartial and confidential service to resolve their technical query.