Take Off / Quantification

In order to estimate the accurate amount of fire protection required to protect a steel structure, a take off from a set of structural engineer’s drawings is required. When the fire protection package is tendered, typically three or more contractors will be asked by the main contractor to estimate the amount of fire protection. The variety of estimates being returned can be quite surprising; on a large project with a high fire rating, the difference can be thousands of pounds between the top and bottom bids. With clients trying to get the best value from their contractors, our estimating department can give you an honest unbiased report on quantities and film thicknesses required for a variety of paint manufactures.

With our vast experience we can serve as the sole independent estimator for the fire protection package. After minimal liaison with the design team to confirm the exact scope of works, the fire protection quantities are very accurately estimated. The areas to be protected are clearly identified in a detailed take off and cross-referenced with highlighted drawings. These documents can then be used for tendering and all bids will be for the same quantity. This service minimises time spent by the design team and main contractor on tender queries with multiple parties, making this process more efficient for all concerned.

Firespec have a wealth of market experience and are constantly up to date with the latest product developments. We operate powerful comparison software that is regularly updated with all new product data meaning we can always estimate the most cost effective solution for each unique project.

Product Selection

Each fire protection system is independently fire tested to prove its capabilities before it is marketed. The fire testing of these products then continue in order to improve on performance and competitiveness. New products are being developed all the time and the improvements in the technology are continuously driving down the thickness of fire protection required. The difference between the most and least efficient of these products can translate into huge savings on a project. Firespec has the knowledge to identify the most competitive system for each unique project.

Many steel buildings have elements to them that require a more durable fire protection system and it is important to choose either a durable intumescent coating, or a combination of intumescent and topcoat. From coastal projects, where the steel and coatings will be subject to extreme conditions, to airports in the Far East where humidity needs to be considered. Firespec have the expertise to assist you in the most cost efficient solution. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.